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TBI Tales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TBI to “Victory” . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Daniel Mollino

TBI to “Victory”


Daniel Mollino

presented by

Donna O’Donnell Figurski


Daniel Mollino – Brain Injury Survivor – Red Bull Athlete

Well, what a year I have had! I watched as all my competitions were abandoned due to blood clots (DVT, deep vein thrombosis: a blood clot that forms in a vein deep in the body), which laid me up for three months. But one race continued to call to me – the Red Bull 400 in Park City. See, I am a cyclist not a runner, but last year I took on the Red Bull 400 in Park City to simply see how I would do, and I completed it. I did no special training outside my usual for cycling. However, the Red Bull 400 in Park City is a whole new world of insanity in racing!

I initially went into this year with the push to try and race all the Red Bull 400s around the globe in a single year. But then medical issues struck.

The Park City race, however, still called for me. My wife wanted to run it. She has never run an event of any kind before, and I needed to get at least one competition in for the year. I was medically cleared a couple of weeks before the race. But I hadn’t done a bit of training of any kind to prepare.

Daniel Mollino -Brain Injury Survivor & Red Bull 400 survivor with spouse, Amby Silex

Nevertheless, I took it on. Now just crossing the starting line is an accomplishment, considering. I honestly hoped I would at least make it to the top somewhat close to the time I had the previous year. Sadly, that did not happen.

I did finish, eventually. My time this year was a little over 39 minutes. (I had to take the steps for the last half.) This is over double the time of last year. Still, I did cross the finish line and have an official time.

We ran and we finished. Last year’s time was much better, but it was a victory nonetheless considering the medical issues I had this year. Onward and upward ….


READ MORE about Daniel Mollino and the “Red Bull 400” results here.


(Disclaimer: The views or opinions in this post are solely that of the author.)

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On The Air: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brain Injury Radio . . . . . . . . “Another Fork in the Road” Panel: Party Night

On The Air: Brain Injury Radio “Another Fork in the Road” 


Panelists: Caregiver, Lisabeth Mackall and Survivor, Daniel Mollino

Topic: Party Night



Donna O’Donnell Figurski

Brandy Hunter and her mom were originally scheduled for this show time, but the season, and several personal issues prevented Brandy and her mom from joining me on this show. She will be rescheduled for a later date.

So now it was scramble time and the holiday season is no easy time to recruit panelists. Folks can barely get accomplished what they normally have to do without throwing in an

Lisabeth Mackall Book 061215

Caregiver, Lisabeth Mackall – author, 27 Miles: The Tank’s Journey Home

extra activity. I was fortunate to have five of my regular panelists agree to do the show with me and we decided to make it a holiday segment. It sounded like a lot of fun. Then shortly before the show three of the panelists had to decline because of health issues. I

18 Daniel Mollino 060615 copy

Survivor, Daniel Mollino – cross-country cyclist

quickly checked with my remaining two panelists and they were still committed. Phew!

We did the show and sipped our virtual eggnog. We talked about traditions past – and new traditions we have each incorporated into our lives after brain injury took over. We looked at holiday issues through the eyes of survivor, Daniel, Mollino and caregiver, Lisabeth Mackall … and we had a lot of fun. I hope you will take some time during this holiday season to relax, sit back, and listen to the show.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

See you “On the Air!”


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On The Air: Brain Injury Radio “Another Fork in the Road” Interview with TBI Survivor & Cross-Country Cyclist, Daniel Mollino

On The Air: Brain Injury Radio “Another Fork in the Road”

Interview with TBI Survivor & Cross-Country Cyclist, Daniel Mollino



Donna O’Donnell Figurski

images-1Daniel talks about how he was working at the top of a telephone pole for a cable company in northern New Jersey when he fell more that 25 feet causing his brain injury. 11427224_10153095515624215_7323889775533761154_nHe shared some of his adventures of his journey from New Jersey to California and his goals for raising awareness for TBI Survivors everywhere.

If you missed his interview on “Another Fork in the Road” on June 21st, you are in luck. You can listen to the archived show here. Click the link below to listen to Daniel Mollino and me.18 Daniel Mollino 060615 copy

See you “On the Air!”

On the Air: Brain Injury Radio – “Another Fork in the Road”

Daniel Mollino, Survivor Cycles Coast to Coast

Click here for a list of all “Another Fork in the Road” shows on the Brain Injury Radio Network.

“Another Fork in the Road” . . . Brain Injury Radio Network . . . Interview: Daniel Mollino


Daniel Mollino – TBI Survivor & Cross-Country Cyclist

Meet Daniel Mollino


When Daniel fell from the top of a telephone pole while running cable for a New Jersey cable company, his life changed forever. His fall resulted in a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Daniel now deals with fatigue, memory loss, balance issues, and daily pain, but he won’t let these health problems get in his way of his living life to its fullest.

Daniel plans to make a difference in this TBI world for all survivors. At the end of March 2015, Daniel set out to cycle solo across the USA from New Jersey to California to raise awareness of Brain Injury.

Come One! Come ALL! 

What:        Interview with Daniel Mollino – TBI Survivor & Cross-Country Cyclist

Daniel Mollino - TBI Survivor & Cyclist

Daniel Mollino – TBI Survivor & Cyclist

Why:        Daniel will share his story of Brain Injury and how he plans to make a difference in the Brain Injury world.

Where:     Brain Injury Radio Network

When:       Sunday, June  21st, 2015

Time:         5:30p PT (6:30p MT, 7:30p CT, and 8:30p ET) 90 minute show

How:         Click: Brain Injury Radio Network

Call In:    424-243-9540

Call In:     855-473-3711 toll free in USA

Call In:    202-559-7907 free outside USA


11427224_10153095515624215_7323889775533761154_nIf you miss the show, but would like to still hear the interview, you can access the archive on On Demand listening. The archived show will be available after the show both on the Brain Injury Radio Network site and on my blog in “On the Air.”

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(Photo compliments of Daniel Mollino.)

Survivor’s SPEAK OUT! – Daniel Mollino

SPEAK OUT! – Daniel Mollino


Donna O’Donnell Figurski



Daniel Mollino - TBI Survivor & Cyclist

Daniel Mollino – TBI Survivor & Cyclist

1. What is your name? (last name optional)

Daniel Mollino

2. Where do you live? (city and/or state and/or country) Email (optional)

Ringwood, New Jersey, USA     Daniel@mollino.net

3. When did you have your TBI? At what age?

August 11, 2010     Age 27

4. How did your TBI occur?

At work, I fell from a ladder on a telephone pole.

5. When did you (or someone) first realize you had a problem?

Right away. The emergency response was fast.

6. What kind of emergency treatment, if any, did you have?

I was in a medically induced coma. I had a craniotomy, and a shunt was inserted.

7. Were you in a coma? If so, how long?

I was in the medically induced coma for about three weeks.

8. Did you do rehab? What kind of rehab (i.e., inpatient or outpatient and occupational and/or physical and/or speech and/or other)?

I had speech therapy as an inpatient. As an outpatient, I had physical therapy and therapy for executive skills.

How long were you in rehab?

Three months as an inpatient; a little over a year as an outpatient.

9. What problems or disabilities, if any, resulted from your TBI
(e.g., balance, perception, personality, etc.)?

I have deafness of and ringing in my right ear. I have issues with fatigue, memory, balance, personality, pain, and finding words. (See my website below for more details.)

Daniel Mollino - TBI Survivor in hospital

Daniel Mollino – TBI Survivor in hospital

10. How has your life changed? Is it better? Is it worse?

Things became harder. It is in some ways better and in others, worse.

11. What do you miss the most from your pre-TBI life?

My memory

12. What do you enjoy most in your post-TBI life?

That I got back to being able to ride

13. What do you like least about your TBI?

The problem with my memory; also the public’s understanding of how a TBI impacts a person

14. Has anything helped you to accept your TBI?

My family’s being there helped. My strong headed, never-give-in mentality stuck and resulted in the support and the joining in of larger groups in my 2015 cross country bike ride to get brain injury addressed and donations to research groups. I am also on a calling basis with the offices of federal politicians from my district trying to get them to fix a system I saw fail. Hopefully the ride will get more people calling their politicians.

15. Has your injury affected your home life and relationships and, if so, how?

My home life changed in some ways. My wife and I switched roles – but not in a bad way.

16. Has your social life been altered or changed and, if so, how?

My social life hasn’t really changed that much. But, my deafness is an issue, and I don’t like loud environments.

17. Who is your main caregiver? Do you understand what it takes to be a caregiver?

My wife is my main caregiver. Thankfully, I am not as bad off as some.

18. What are your future plans? What do you expect/hope to be doing ten years from now?

My future plans are in motion. I am biking coast to coast in hopes of getting attention for brain injury and donations flowing to research groups. I also hope I can get the media involved and possibly get more sponsors, so I can continue on that path for years to come. A book would be nice. However, my English is really bad, so I am looking for a ghostwriter. My hope is that I can keep going and prove that “disabled” does not mean that someone is incapable of great things. That aspect is aimed at all those who give up.

19. Are you able to provide a helpful hint that may have taken you a long time to learn, but which you wished you had known earlier? If so, please state what it is to potentially help other TBI survivors with your specific kind of TBI.

I have to say no, but I may be wrong. As I have said to others, when you accept “broken” as a status, you will always be broken. You need always to push for a want. Nothing is impossible, but life is a pathway of obstacles. You will at times just have to step back and find another way. For when you give up trying, that is the point in the life that you have willfully chosen to be in the broken state.

20. What advice would you offer to other TBI survivors?

Fight for what you want. Ask others for help, and keep your eyes on the goal. Never give in to defeat. My personal view is that I will do this or die trying. Not to sound morbid, but the idea is that if you try your entire life, you are living life – not letting life live you.

Do you have any other comments that you would like to add?

I hope that some of you see my ride as I post my routes and progress in 2015 and show up if you’re near. Nothing is better than seeing others involved and having the support. I will be personally calling media stations I can find numbers to, but getting calls from others, sharing photos on Facebook, etc. would be a great help. The more exposure and media I get, the more we can educate the public and force the politicians to move on fixing the issues.


You can learn more about Daniel at the following sites.

TBI to Victory

TBI Rider

Double Cross-Country Bicycle Ride Will Challenge New Jersey TBI Athlete

 Stroll ‘N Roll With Kessler Foundation at Verona Park

Daniel Mollino - TBI Survivor & Sky Diver

Daniel Mollino – TBI Survivor & Sky Diver



Thank you, Daniel, for taking part in this interview. I hope that your experience will offer some hope, comfort, and inspiration to my readers.

(Disclaimer: The views or opinions in this post are solely that of the interviewee.)

(Photos compliments of Daniel.)

If you would like to be a part of the SPEAK OUT! project, please go to TBI Survivor Interview Questionnaire for a copy of the questions and the release form.

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