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SPEAK OUT! Are You Kidding Me?

“The Resilient Soul”



Donna O’Donnell Figurski


"The Resilient Soul" by Karen Leavitt (My story, "A Living Nightmare" - page 132)

The Resilient Soul” by Karen Leavitt (My story, “A Living Nightmare” – page 132)

I recently submitted a story to David Grant, editor of Karen Leavitt’s book, “The Resilient Soul.”

With crossed fingers – well, all appendages were crossed actually – I waited to hear whether my story, “A Living Nightmare,” would be accepted.

When I saw David Grant’s post on Facebook, I jumped for joy, which made my tears of joy fly off my face in every direction – a funny sight!



David’s comment:

David A. Grant - Brain Injury Survivor & Author

David A. Grant – Brain Injury Survivor & Author


Working on wrapping up book production for author and international radio personality Karen Leavitt.

Karen’s new book, The Resilient Soul, will be available on Amazon later this month.

Think of her upcoming title as a bit like a Chicken Soup for the Soul book – only on steroids. I marvel at the stories of humanity as seemingly insurmountable odds are beaten – again and again.

Today I wrapped up a few edits for a story contributed by Donna ODonnell Figurski. Until today, I never knew the depth of Donna’s struggle to regain a new footing in life.

Like Sarah, Donna has a David of her own, one she has stuck by though the toughest of times. I was moved to tears. Such amazing courage!

How blessed am I to play a small part in bringing such amazing stories of hope and perseverance to humanity?



I hope you will find my story of value. I am so humbled and elated to be included in this volume. The stories are by amazing people who are facing all odds.

Click to see  Karen Leavitt’s book, “The Resilient Soul.” My story, “A Living Nightmare” is on page 132. But read the whole book. It’s great!


(Clip Art compliments of Bing.)

(Photos compliments of the contributors.)


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  1. I had a tbi in 2007, still relearning to walk. I have been typing a book on my recovery, just like all the ups and downs this journeys been. I’ve been doing it mainly because when I was in my 4 month coma, 2 of those weeks on life support! The nurses and some doctors were telling my parents that the sooner they realize that I’ll never get out
    Of bed again, the better there life will be:(. So I’ve been sorta documenting my recovery to rub it in those doctors faces when I’m back up on my feet without this stupid walker, can’t wait. So could you help me get my story out? Keith sequara called me a miracle child


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