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SPEAK OUT! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Itty-Bitty GIANT Steps

SPEAK OUT! Itty-Bitty GIANT Steps

Itty-Bitty GIant Steps for Blog



SPEAK OUT! Itty-Bitty Giant Steps will provide a venue for brain-injury survivors and caregivers to shout out their accomplishments of the week.

If you have an Itty-Bitty Giant Step and you would like to share it, just send an email to me at donnaodonnellfigurski@gmail.com.

If you are on Facebook, you can simply send a Private Message to me. It need only be a sentence or two. I’ll gather the accomplishments and post them with your name on my blog approximately once a week. (If you do not want your last name to be posted, please tell me in your email or Private Message.)

I hope we have millions of Itty-Bitty Giant Steps.


Here are this week’s Itty-Bitty Giant Steps.

Jessica…Made it to about ten houses Trick or Treating with my kiddos before it became too much for me. BUT I am CELEBRATING because I only went to a few last year, and I don’t even really remember it! I post this for those mourning the loss of the “old you.” It gets better. No, I’m not able to do what I used to do, but I have learned/am learning to appreciate the little victories in life, and I am counting my blessings. I have a great husband, who took over for me, and I got 30 minutes of “alone time” before my kids returned. (Isn’t that what most moms want – “alone time”? LOL.)

Bernadette McSorley Futch…After having a hemorrhagic stroke at 11, I got a job when I was 16. Basically I lived my life as though nothing happened. Now that I have had three additional surgeries to control seizures, I decided I have to slow down and focus on keeping my terminally ill husband comfortable. When he does pass, I would like to call the Board and tell them why I let my Massage Therapist license lapse. I plan to try to get back to doing massage. Being able to laugh at yourself helps, and there is always Faith.

YOU did it!

Congratulations to all contributors!

(Clip Art compliments of Bing.)

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