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SPEAK OUT! NewsBit . . . . . . . . . . Men Take Longer to Recover From Concussions Than Women

Men Take Longer to Recover From Concussions Than Women


Newsboy thConcussions are common mild TBIs. With time, the brain often heals. A recent study showed that recovery from concussion was substantially shorter (average=26 days) in women than in men (average=67 days), regardless of the severity of the symptoms. Concussions affect the white matter of the brain. The neurologists used a special MRI scan to “see” the white matter. They found that men had more abnormalities in their white matter. The recovery time increased with the number of abnormalities. Why women have fewer abnormalities is not known. (Full story)


SPEAK OUT! NewsBit . . . . . . . . . . . . Football – Is It Dangerous to Your Brain?

Football May Affect the Brain


Newsboy thThe Journal of the American Medical Association has recently published a study of the brains of 25 University of Tulsa (TU) football players without a known concussion, 25 TU players known to have at least one concussion, and 25 college students who are non-players. The study showed that there was a correlation of years of playing football with differences in behavior and brain anatomy. The researchers found that football players had slower reaction times, and the reaction time was directly related to the length of time an individual played football. The researchers also found that the hippocampus in football players was smaller than it was in non-players. The hippocampus is a part of the brain whose volume is related to memory and emotion. Even players who did not have a concussion had a hippocampus that was smaller than it was in non-players, but there was a greater decrease in volume in those players who had had a concussion. This study does not prove that playing football causes a reduction of hippocampus volume, but it is suggestive. The researchers want to know what causes the smaller hippocampus. David Polanski, head athletic trainer at TU and a co-author on the study, said. “This research brings us one step closer to understanding the connection between contact sports and brain injury.” (Full story 1 and Full story 2)


SPEAK OUT! NewsBits ……………….. To Play or NOT to Play

Possibility of Brain Injury Causing Kids to Shun Some Sports


Newsboy th

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky says that there are 300,000 sports-related TBIs annually in the US. Because many of our youth and their parents understand how much is at stake, even from mild concussions, some young players have walked away from a sport they love, rather than risk a life-altering injury. (Full story)




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